WALT: To compose and create a a rap about bullying.

I achieved making a rap by searching rhyming words on google.

I used google to help me achieve making a rap.

I made this rap alone and also a little help from google or maybe more.

I found this process hard when I had to Find the rhyming for the rap because I had to choose words that people would understand.

I enjoyed when we had to make the beat for the rap on HTML5 drum kit.

My next step would be to finish my rap.

this is my rap that has some editing


You put a chain around my neck calling it fame
Bringing me pain

Putting my name to call it your fame
It hurts like rain

You call me names like a doll
You roll me around like a ball

Bringing me fear
I fear someone's here

You know where I am you follow me around
You bound at me make me fall to the ground

You crown yourself by making me bow
You throw me around

You make people to cower in fear

You spit in their faces

Thank's For Listening!!!😄