Math's perimeter/area/volume

My learning goal is about perimeter/area/volume of shapes and limits of answer.All we have to do is count the side squares then count the how much corners there are then times them then you have the answer.

What is the length of the sides. Hint count the sides?

How much area does the square have?

Hint times tables?


The Magic Library
I smelt the salty wind snapping against my skin. I quickly ran to the closest building I could see. I felt the heat from inside the building, so I opened the door and went inside. The door creaked terribly and dust layered the whole door. As I entered, a bold smell of pepper and chicken went up my nose as I looked in front of me. I saw a dining table with a turkey, chocolate, wine, cake, boysenberry cheesecake, and a barbecue, it all looked delicious. But I was afraid to eat it, it might be someone else's dinner. But I was so hungry I had gone trekking in the mountains. It looked so beautiful but it was tiring and had made me hungry.
I stuffed one piece of cheesecake into my mouth, it was wonderful. It felt like fireworks in my mouth, popping as I munched on it happily. I looked around, I noticed that the  building was a library stuffed top to bottom with books. It was huge, with enormous step ladders that if you fell from it you’d never touch the groun…


Dance Term 2

I enjoyed dancing because we would learn new dance steps and a few of them looked really funny.
I was challenged by when we had to hold hands with a boy partner.
I have been surprised that I had finished the hip hop dance without a mistake.
I learnt the cha-cha with the dance teacher. It was really funny when some people tried to hold hands with each other.
I found that it was really fun learning how to dance with the year six hub.
I would like to try out other types of dance around the world.

The Fun Fear

WALT: Write a moment in time story         😱Fun Fear😱
I started to sweat as the people tightened the strap around me. I felt my blood pumping up inside the fear inside me started to rise as the machine got started. I felt the sickening wind gushing past as i was thrown like I was in a washing machine. Everyone around me was screaming. Are they screaming of fear or are they screaming because it’s fun but that thought zipped straight out of my mind as I was thrown to the left. I tried to see through all the commotion but they all looked like blobs of colour soon my eyes started to water so I had to close my eyes. I could still hear everyone's screams are they screaming of fun or just fear I asked myself again I opened my mouth and I could taste dry sickening wind filling my mouth so I closed my mouth. I smelt my breath smelling of potato chips soon I started to breath very heavily I could tell I was going to spew the person next to me started to cry sobbing loudly. I coul…