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Dance Term 2

I enjoyed dancing because we would learn new dance steps and a few of them looked really funny.
I was challenged by when we had to hold hands with a boy partner.
I have been surprised that I had finished the hip hop dance without a mistake.
I learnt the cha-cha with the dance teacher. It was really funny when some people tried to hold hands with each other.
I found that it was really fun learning how to dance with the year six hub.
I would like to try out other types of dance around the world.

The Fun Fear

WALT: Write a moment in time story         😱Fun Fear😱
I started to sweat as the people tightened the strap around me. I felt my blood pumping up inside the fear inside me started to rise as the machine got started. I felt the sickening wind gushing past as i was thrown like I was in a washing machine. Everyone around me was screaming. Are they screaming of fear or are they screaming because it’s fun but that thought zipped straight out of my mind as I was thrown to the left. I tried to see through all the commotion but they all looked like blobs of colour soon my eyes started to water so I had to close my eyes. I could still hear everyone's screams are they screaming of fun or just fear I asked myself again I opened my mouth and I could taste dry sickening wind filling my mouth so I closed my mouth. I smelt my breath smelling of potato chips soon I started to breath very heavily I could tell I was going to spew the person next to me started to cry sobbing loudly. I coul…