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The Magic Library
I smelt the salty wind snapping against my skin. I quickly ran to the closest building I could see. I felt the heat from inside the building, so I opened the door and went inside. The door creaked terribly and dust layered the whole door. As I entered, a bold smell of pepper and chicken went up my nose as I looked in front of me. I saw a dining table with a turkey, chocolate, wine, cake, boysenberry cheesecake, and a barbecue, it all looked delicious. But I was afraid to eat it, it might be someone else's dinner. But I was so hungry I had gone trekking in the mountains. It looked so beautiful but it was tiring and had made me hungry.
I stuffed one piece of cheesecake into my mouth, it was wonderful. It felt like fireworks in my mouth, popping as I munched on it happily. I looked around, I noticed that the  building was a library stuffed top to bottom with books. It was huge, with enormous step ladders that if you fell from it you’d never touch the groun…