The Magic Library

I smelt the salty wind snapping against my skin. I quickly ran to the closest building I could see. I felt the heat from inside the building, so I opened the door and went inside. The door creaked terribly and dust layered the whole door. As I entered, a bold smell of pepper and chicken went up my nose as I looked in front of me. I saw a dining table with a turkey, chocolate, wine, cake, boysenberry cheesecake, and a barbecue, it all looked delicious. But I was afraid to eat it, it might be someone else's dinner. But I was so hungry I had gone trekking in the mountains. It looked so beautiful but it was tiring and had made me hungry.

I stuffed one piece of cheesecake into my mouth, it was wonderful. It felt like fireworks in my mouth, popping as I munched on it happily. I looked around, I noticed that the  building was a library stuffed top to bottom with books. It was huge, with enormous step ladders that if you fell from it you’d never touch the ground. I looked outside, I saw a boulder right in the middle of the park, no one knew how it got there it was just there.

Right then the barking of dogs snapped me out of my daydream. I looked around again, the whole building made me fascinated, but also scary. I wondered had anyone died in here? I shivered at the thought. I got drawn back to the food. In a blink of an eye I had eaten all of the cheesecake, my tummy grumbled louder than ever so I took one chicken leg and and ate it. It was the most tastiest chicken leg ever that didn’t want to swallow it, so I kept on chewing on it until I had to swallow it.

As I looked around again I saw lots and lots of rubbish all lined up together like a trail. I thought about all the food I had eaten so I decided to pick up all the rubbish. I wondered who had thrown all this rubbish on the floor. I thought they should put a no littering sign. Just as soon as I thought I had nearly finished I saw a mossy rock stuck in the middle of the carpet. I tried to pull it out, but it wouldn't move a muscle. Ahhhh, I fell deep into a sea. I gasped, and yelled, and screamed.  I felt sweat dripping down my face, I felt my blood pulsing and as I bit my lips I could taste blood. I kicked around gasping for air, I feel tears trickling down my face, my whole body felt painful as I fought for air. Would I live?